Dedicated to the Work of Health and Healing

Sanford Health, the largest rural health system in the United States, is dedicated to transforming the health care experience and providing access to world-class health care in America's heartland. Headquartered in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, the organization serves more than 1.4 million patients and nearly 200,000 health plan members across 250,000 square miles. The integrated health system has 48 medical centers, 211 clinic locations, more than 160 Good Samaritan Society senior living centers, 2,900 Sanford physicians and advanced practice providers, 540 active clinical trials and nine world clinic locations around the globe. Learn more about Sanford Health’s commitment to shaping the future of rural health care across the lifespan at or Sanford Health News.

Sanford Health includes:

  • 45 medical centers
  • 211 clinic locations
  • 168 senior care locations
  • 132 skilled nursing and rehab facilities
  • 195,593 Sanford Health Plan members
  • 42,775 employees
  • 2,931 Sanford physicians and advanced practice providers and 8,291 registered nurses delivering care in more than 80 specialty areas
  • Centers of Excellence:
    • Cancer
    • Children's
    • Heart
    • Orthopedics and Sports Medicine
    • Women's Health

Each year, Sanford Health provides:

  • 5.8 million outpatient and clinic visits
  • 80,880 admissions
  • 143,217 surgeries and procedures
  • 9,541 births
  • 224,223 emergency department visits
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Our Mission, Vision and Values

Our Mission

Dedicated to sharing God’s love through the work of health, healing and comfort.

Our Vision

Improving the human condition at every stage of life through exceptional care, spiritual enrichment, innovation and discovery.

Our Values

Demonstrating enthusiasm for those we serve, our vocation and the organization’s mission.

Having strength to persevere, innovate, use our voices and take action.

Celebrating the connection and commitment we have to each other through it all.

Providing care in a diverse range of settings and environments with a focus on the wellness of individuals.

Sharing God’s love through actions that reflect compassion, acceptance, love, humility and sincerity in keeping with the common Lutheran heritage of our legacy organizations.

Adhering to systems that align actions to excellence, efficiency and purpose.

The pursuit of individual and organizational growth and development.

Sanford Health Culture

At Sanford Health, we believe quality health care should be available close to home for everyone, everywhere.

From our roots in the Midwest, we are proud to set the standard for delivering world-class care. By building on the talents, experiences and beliefs of our employees, we aim to improve the lives of patients and residents throughout the diverse communities we serve. Through our shared commitment we can become the nation’s most connected, widest-reaching health care system, shrinking the distance between every patient and their best, healthiest life.

Symbols of Sanford Health

The Blue Lights

A beacon of hope

Each night, a blue glow emanates from Sanford Health locations across the region. The tradition of these blue lights began more than a decade ago when the first blue lights were installed at a Sanford facility. Soon these blue lights became more than a light in the darkness. They became a blue beacon of hope; a sign to all who saw it that healing could be found there.

Throughout history, the color blue has stood for many things including constancy, knowledge, tranquility and trust. Sanford Health is continuing that legacy of using the color blue as a beacon for people who are sick, hurting or in pain. As they get closer and the blue lights become brighter, their fear and panic begin to diminish. They know they are headed toward a place that will reduce suffering, offer empathy and lighten burdens.

This blue beacon of hope is a thread that connects many of our facilities, linking us together as one Sanford family. It binds together our physicians, nurses, executives and all other employees under our shared passion, uniting us in our mission to improve the human condition

The Lorraine Cross

A crusade for health

At the top of many of our facilities sits a two-barred cross. While it has been a sign of hope and healing at Sanford for many decades, it has been a global symbol of salvation for centuries.

It was given the name Lorraine after the French Duke of Lorraine placed it upon his banners as he fought to retake the Holy Land during the Crusades. Known as the Crusader’s Cross, it took on a meaning of protection as it was flown by those helping Christians traveling through Jerusalem. It was taken up most notably by the patron saint of France, Joan of Arc.

In the early 1900s the symbol turned from a rallying point in battle to one in medicine. Selected by the International Tuberculosis Congress, the Lorraine Cross transformed into a central sign in the fight against disease. It began to appear on hospitals and, as it is now, became the symbol in the crusade for health.

The Lorraine Cross now stands a proud part of the Sanford Health logo, illuminated on our buildings. It serves as a constant reminder of our dedication to health and healing.

Collegiate Gothic Architecture

A sign of longevity

As new buildings begin to take shape throughout the Sanford footprint, a common likeness is shared among them. Built in the classic gothic architectural style, merely looking at these facilities instills feelings of trust and stability.

This style became popular in America in the late-1880s and was most commonly used for college expansions. The architects pulled from classic campuses such as Oxford and Cambridge and European churches that were built during the gothic period, which spanned nearly four centuries. Categorized by their impressive size and stature, these buildings were simultaneously beautiful and strong.

This style has become a physical embodiment of our organization. It makes a remarkable statement by portraying a feeling of timelessness, asserting that this organization has been and will continue to be a staple in health care around the world and in each community it serves.