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The Sanford Initiatives

In February, 2007, The Sanford Initiatives were introduced as a unique and defining element of Sanford Health. These activities have been designed to enhance the health care capabilities of the organization, to establish a health research center recognized for translational discovery and cures, and to help build a world-class reputation. Over the early course of implementation, these initiatives have been expanded to include a number of new projects and programs. By integrating strategic partnerships, and working quickly to engage fortuitous opportunity, the rapid meeting of milestones is exemplary of the Sanford's commitment to care and discovery.

Investment in Children

The Sanford Children's Clinics

Meeting the basic health care needs of children while providing a crown jewel for various communities, the Sanford Children's Clinics serve populations around the world. Sanford Health is working to identify twenty communities where primary care pediatric services remain unavailable to young families.

Having opened doors in Duncan, Oklahoma and Oceanside, California, sites are currently under development in Klamath Falls, Oregon. Each of these has been supported by local, matching philanthropy to off-set capital expenditures incurred by construction of the Castle of Care and pediatric recruitment.

Childhood Nutrition and Fitness Initiatives

Sanford Health has created fit, a health activation program developed to empower children and parents to make healthy lifestyle choices that help prevent childhood obesity.  fit is comprised of a system of resources and programs including school programs, daycare training, mobile apps, and was developed using a combination of the latest scientific and behavioral research designed to educate, motivate, and inspire children of all ages to live a balanced, healthy lifestyle.

Sanford Children's International Board

This board has been developed as a group of ambassadors who employ their various circles of influence toward the growth of opportunities for Sanford Children's. Including leaders of industry, media personalities, former legislative leaders and a 10-time medal winning Olympic athlete, the Sanford Children's International Board will help identify and steer initiatives that support Total Children's Health.

The Sanford Project

The Sanford Project was identified as the single-minded focus of research resources toward a cure for a leading health concern. Beginning in April, 2008, Sanford Health is seeking a cure for type 1 diabetes. By recruiting a team of four international researchers, and adding five full-time staff since, the Sanford Project team is focused on the natural regeneration of insulin-producing beta cells in the diabetic pancreas and the body's autoimmune response in patients with diabetes. The Project team launched its first clinical trial and began enrolling patients in August, 2010.

Understanding that this commitment will require collaboration, Sanford held the first Results Symposium: Accelerating Clinical Research in Type 1 Diabetes in June, 2009. This drew experts of the industry for a dialogue on advances and open-eyed opportunity.

Sanford Research

Uniquely working to create recognized leadership in health research from the foundation of health care delivery, Sanford Health has demonstrated a significant commitment to the recruitment of research scientists and staff. By seeking to have $100 million in annual research expenditures and more than 600 full-time staff by 2017, Sanford Research/USD will average 30-50 new staff each year. In 2010, the organization conducted $27 million of activity and added 33 new staff, now totaling more than 150.

The Sanford Children's Health Research Center continued to grow at sites in Sioux Falls, South Dakota and La Jolla, California. The center will next include a Center for Rare Diseases.

Again seeking partnerships toward discovery and cures, Sanford held the first annual Sanford Health – USD Biomedical Research Symposium sharing new concepts and strategies with collaborators at the University of South Dakota. Similar enterprise-status relationships will receive great impetus in the future, as they have with organizations like Pfizer, Novo Nordisk and Medtronic among many others. In fact, Sanford has begun Commercialization and Business Development activities to engage employed physicians and scientists toward discovery and entrepreneurship.

Sanford Health Care Campus of the Future

In continuing to design the greatest facilities patients, physicians and scientists could find anywhere, Sanford Health opened its new research and administrative facility, the Sanford Center, in June, 2010. This 300,000-square-foot facility has provided five years of growth capacity for the research initiatives outlined above.

Sanford also continues to build facilities that utilize the greatest-available efficiency and technology facets. This commitment is exemplified in the rising Sanford Heart Hospital on the main campus in Sioux Falls and the new Sanford Hospital in Aberdeen, South Dakota.

Sanford School of Medicine

Emphasizing the organization's commitment to future health care professionals, Sanford has continued to support the growth of the Sanford School of Medicine at the University of South Dakota and has begun recruiting the first cohort for the new Pediatric Residency program that will rotate at the Sanford Children's Hospital Castle of Care.

Sanford Imagenetics

Because of one man's continued generosity, Sanford Health is launching a revolutionary program to improve health and prevent disease with personalized plans of care. Denny Sanford is the preeminent health care philanthropist in the United States and is helping us change the face of medicine. Sanford Imagenetics is a comprehensive new program that fully integrates genetics with internal medicine, creating a first-of its-kind model for exceptionally high-quality and innovative primary care for adults.

Edith Sanford Breast Center

Edith Sanford Breast Center will pioneer the future of breast cancer research and care. By piecing together the entire genetic puzzle of each woman, we are discovering how to revolutionize treatment and eradicate breast cancer. We are mobilizing participants — mothers, wives, sisters and daughters — to donate their genetic information as we build an extensive bio bank that will underpin our groundbreaking research. As we decode this deadly disease, we will know more specifically what treatments will work for each patient, how to prevent disease on an individual basis, and ultimately, how to find a cure.