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Meet Our Team

Comprehensive cancer care requires a variety of health care professionals to address the unique needs of head and neck cancer patients. At Sanford Health in Sioux Falls, S.D., our head and neck cancer care team includes surgical oncologists, medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, radiologists, pathologists, endocrinologists, speech therapists, psychologists, nurse practitioners and nurse navigators. Every treatment plan is personalized and ensures each patient has access to specialists during every phase of the journey.

Expertise and Multidisciplinary Cancer Care

Multidisciplinary head and neck cancer care is an integrated team approach in which medical and allied health professionals come together as a team to discuss complicated diseases, share insight, explore options for clinical trials, and develop individualized treatment plans for patients. This type of care improves the process from diagnosis to treatment—leading to our ultimate goal of increased survival rates for all patients.  


All of our head and neck surgeons are board-certified fellowship-trained and have extensive experience with complex surgeries including skull-based surgery, free flap tissue reconstruction, robotic surgery, and microvascular surgery.

Medical Oncologists

Sanford’s medical oncology team specializes in diagnosing, treating and caring for cancer patients throughout the entire course of their illness.  Our double-boarded oncologists provide the latest in cancer therapy and treatments.

Radiation Oncologists

Sanford radiation oncology provides a full range of advanced radiation therapy systems for children and adults.  Sanford is accredited by the American College of Radiology and provide safe and effective treatment services for patients of all ages.

Care Team

Our dedicated team of nurses provides the most compassionate and competent cancer care to our patients when they need it most.

Our team of researchers and physician scientists offer our head and neck cancer patients access to unique clinical trials available at Sanford Health.