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Sanford Cancer Center – Medical Oncology

At Sanford Cancer Center in Sioux Falls, our double-boarded physicians within the division of Medical Oncology/ Hematology treat cancer with a uniquely comprehensive and highly individualized plan for each patient. Our individual treatment plans are a unique partnership between you, your oncologist and the entire cancer center team, as you participate in treatment decisions that help us to deliver the best possible treatment options for you. Your plan may include a combination of the most advanced clinical trials options, chemotherapy or biotherapy infusions, integrative therapies and the best supportive care available. In addition our physicians participate in a weekly multidisciplinary tumor conference to present and discuss optimal patient treatment plans. The outcome is an expert opinion, on treatment options, compiled from up to a dozen cancer physicians who have reviewed your specific case. Our team also consists of care coordinators for patients, providing education, monitoring care and working with patients to address symptom management and improve quality of life.

Our patients can expect to receive:

  • Patient consultations, on-treatment examinations, treatment and monitoring, and follow-up examinations through survivorship;
  • Administration of chemotherapy, targeted biotherapy or immunotherapy, as appropriate to your specific case;
  • Patient support for the prevention and minimization of side effects such as fatigue, pain, dehydration and poor nutritional status;
  • Access to the most current national cooperative group NCI-sponsored Clinical Trials;
  • Monitoring of your condition through laboratory testing
  • Nursing support through assessments, laboratory results monitoring, on-going patient education and communication
  • On-going access to cancer care staff for emotional, financial and day to day support throughout your care
Because the standard of care is always evolving, the Sanford Cancer team is the best resource in providing information about the latest treatments, care plans, research studies and clinical trials. To learn more or to schedule an appointment, please call (605) 328-8000.