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Orthopedic Trauma

Sanford Medical Center offers our communities a level II trauma center equipped to treat a variety of orthopedic traumatic injuries. Patients with severe musculoskeletal trauma and related complications are quickly triaged and evaluated by Sanford Orthopedic physicians. Our goal is to provide immediate, cutting edge care to our patients in order to return them to their prior level of functioning. Our team approach ensures the highest quality of care.

Common conditions we treat include:

Broken bones

  • Pelvis & Acetabular Fractures are breaks in the bone that occur in the part of the pelvis that forms the hip socket.
  • Periarticular Fractures (Joint Fractures) are breaks in the bone that occur around or next to a joint.
  • Osteoporosis related fractures are breaks in the bone that occur because the bone is no longer strong and healthy.
Complications from trauma (Revision Fracture Surgery):

  • Nonunions are failures of a break to heal allowing scar tissue to form between the broken segments instead of returning to bone.
  • Malunions are failures of a break to heal in the correct position. Bone does reform, but not in the correct position.

Osteomyelitis is infection and inflammation of the bone or bone marrow and typically occurs after localized trauma and an acute infection elsewhere in the body.

Polytrauma is when someone has multiple traumatic injuries involving several physical body regions or organ systems - often the results of an accident, blast or crush incident.

Arthritis of joints after trauma can cause pain and swelling at the area of injury.

Dislocation of a joint is when one of the two bones that make up a joint is forced out of its normal position and the joint no longer works the right way.

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