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Get lab work done quickly and accurately at Sanford Laboratories’ Patient Service Center. Our specialists are ready to assist you from the moment you arrive and will guide you through your tests.

Our Patient Service Center is a testing site focused on your comfort and considerate of your time. Our team specializes in taking quality samples while making sure your experience is as painless and fast as possible.

We offer easy specimen collection and drop-off services as well as comfortable accommodations for patients undergoing tests that require extended wait times.

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Read the following COVID-19 Fact Sheets for patients to learn about the test and your next steps:

Direct Access Laboratory Testing

Order lab tests without visiting the doctor. Sanford Laboratories’ Direct Access Laboratory gives you the freedom to monitor your health and order lab tests quickly, conveniently and confidentially. A trained team will perform your test at an accredited Sanford Laboratories site.

This convenient lab testing program helps you monitor certain ongoing health risks or test your potential for future health risks. These tests should not be used as a substitute for regular doctor visits.

Direct Access Laboratory testing is not available in all locations.

What to Expect During a Lab Test

Our Patient Service Center offers a variety of tests and procedures to help our patients manage their health. Ask your doctor or the Patient Service Center team how to prepare for your test. Follow their instructions carefully.

We offer answers to common lab testing questions. Browse a list of tests and procedures or search for your test. You’ll learn why people take the test, what it entails, its risks, what can affect the accuracy of its results and how to get ready for the test.

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