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Concussion Clinical Services

Managing concussions can be tricky. We provide information for athletes, parents, and coaches on concussions to help them recognize the injury and respond appropriately. Following a concussion, guidance is provided to make necessary modifications to daily routines such as school, work and activities to ensure they receive adequate rest.

Sanford Orthopedics & Sports Medicine provides concussion management and education for competitive and recreational athletes or others who participate in activities that may pose risk for concussion. The program includes:

  • Thorough evaluation by a sports medicine physician with specialty training in the diagnosis and management of concussions
  • Computerized Brain Function Testing (ImPACT©) and Clinical Balance Testing
  • Individualized Concussion Management and Return-to-Play Plan
  • Education resources for young athletes, parents, coaches, and health care professionals
  • Clinical Baseline ImPACT Testing: This test serves as a comparison for any potential changes or damage cause by a concussive blow to the head. If a head injury is sustained, the athlete's post-injury tests will be compared to this baseline. To schedule a baseline test for your athlete, please contact our office at 605-328-2663.

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Protect our young athletes

Millions of sports-related concussions happen every year and many go unrecognized. That's alarming because the wrong treatment can slow recovery, worsen the condition or lead to permanent damage. Please learn the facts about concussions and help protect our young athletes.

Chad Greenway, Minnesota Vikings