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Sanford Sports Science Institute

Sanford Sports Science Institute Works to Improve Sports Safety

The Sanford Sports Science Institute (SSSI) helps athletes stay healthy and meet their goals by making cutting-edge technology and research accessible. SSSI has locations in the Sanford Fieldhouse and Pentagon in Sioux Falls, SD, with new laboratories in Fargo, N.D.

The Sanford Sports Science Institute serves as a trusted resource and recognized leader in:

  • conducting research
  • assessing athletes
  • providing the most current educational information
  • developing guidelines and policy for safe and appropriate exercise, training, and sports participation

SSSI partners with athletic teams and sports medicine national governing bodies. Together they work to develop guidelines designed to improve performance and maximize safety. They work with professional athletes to get them, and keep them, at the top of their game.

The Sanford Sports Science Institute is built upon three pillars: research, services and education. Together, these pillars help us fulfill our mission and vision.

Our mission

Improving athletic health and performance through scientific discovery and accessible athlete services and education. 

Our vision

As a national leader in sports science and sports medicine, to continually advance the state of the art through leadership, innovative research and cutting-edge technology driven by world-class staff.

Cutting-edge research

SSSI investigators conduct clinical, laboratory, and field-based research to study real-world problems and develop solutions for athletes. They use knowledge of exercise physiology, biomechanics, nutrition, biomedical engineering and sports medicine to create programs for increased athletic success.

Athlete services

In addition to research, the Sanford Sports Science Institute provides science-driven services for athletes and active individuals. SSSI offers lab-based fitness assessments that provide accurate and precise measurements of an athlete’s current performance capacity.

Services include:

  • detailed physiological evaluations in a controlled environmental chamber,
  • advanced physiological and biomechanical assessments,
  • fitness testing,
  • sport nutrition consults, and
  • assessments on the athletic field,

SSSI also provides presentations and seminars for teams and organizations and a variety of specialty performance consultations. 


Expert staff members have created a library of articles and resources. The library provides athletes, parents and coaches with valuable information for reducing injury risk, enhancing health and optimizing performance.