Sanford Traumatic Stress Treatment Center

Sanford Traumatic Stress Treatment Center

Sanford Traumatic Stress Treatment Center in Fargo, North Dakota, provides high-quality, evidence-based care to children, adults and families. We offer assessments and treatments to children and adults who have experienced trauma.

Our team provides behavioral health services and care coordination to treat trauma and traumatic stress. Medical services for child trauma and maltreatment are offered at Sanford Children’s CARE Clinic.

A Caring Approach to Traumatic Stress Treatment

We take a collaborative team approach. Our team includes psychologists, counselors, social workers, pediatricians, psychiatrists and nurse practitioners.

During your initial appointment, we’ll coordinate a team-based assessment to identify your needs. We help connect children and families to the right services for them.

What Causes Traumatic Stress?

Trauma is a scary, dangerous or violent event that can happen to anyone. Whether it’s the sudden loss of a loved one, abuse or an accident, we’re here to help those impacted by trauma heal and build resilience.

The Traumatic Stress Treatment Center also offers treatment specific to secondary trauma. Secondary trauma is indirect exposure to a traumatic event that may result in symptoms similar to post-traumatic stress disorder. Caregivers, health care workers, emergency response workers, law enforcement and firefighters are at a higher risk of developing secondary trauma.

How Can We Help?

Everyone’s experiences are unique. If you, a family member, or someone close to you has undergone a traumatic event or is experiencing secondary trauma, help is available.

At the Traumatic Stress Treatment Center, we tailor your treatment to your symptoms and experiences. Our team will work with you to resolve emotional and behavioral difficulties caused by a traumatic experience. You’ll learn how your mind works and how that affects your emotions and actions. We’ll help you retrain your brain to solve problems in a healthy way.

Our Services

We offer a variety of services to children and families, including:

  • Outpatient care. Our evidence-based and trauma-informed assessments and treatments help children, adults and families who have experienced trauma.
  • Culturally enhanced trauma treatments for American Indian populations. We offer culturally sensitive and enhanced traumatic stress treatments to Native American children and their families. We do this using protocols and guidelines specifically designed for Native American, Alaskan Native and Indigenous children and their families. Our team believes it is important to integrate our patients’ cultural identity and traditions, spirituality and historical resiliency into their healing journey.
  • Hospital consultations. Our specialists help hospital-based teams provide high-quality care to patients who experienced a traumatic event.
  • Community education and outreach. We work within the community to build awareness about the realities of trauma and educate about traumatic stress and trauma treatments.
  • Family support and care management. To ensure patients and families have the supports they need, our team provides trauma-informed support and identifies each patient and family’s unique needs to connect them to the right services and resources.

Sanford Traumatic Stress Treatment Center Doctors