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Sanford Children's CARE Clinic

Sanford Children's CARE Clinic

At the Sanford Children’s CARE Clinic, we provide a child-friendly environment for kids who may have been injured or abused. CARE stands for Child Abuse Referral and Evaluation. We use a team approach to diagnose, treat and prevent abuse and evaluate injuries without a known accident or cause.

We work with the Red River Children’s Advocacy Center (RRCAC) to provide medical evaluations, treatments and recommendations. Our staff works with childcare agencies, medical agencies, law enforcement officials and social service agencies to educate the public about abuse and its prevention.

The CARE Clinic medical team
  • Medical doctors with special training in child abuse pediatrics
  • Family nurse practitioners
  • Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners (SANE)
  • Licensed social workers
  • Other medical specialists who can help with diagnosis and treatment

How we can help

Through the CARE Clinic, we offer a number of services including:

  • Child-appropriate exams and medical evaluations for sexual abuse
  • Forensic medical evaluation for other abuse types
  • Evaluations involving child pornography
  • Expert testimony in court cases
  • Referrals to agencies, including social services and law enforcement
  • Education for other medical and community agencies regarding diagnosis, treatment and prevention of child abuse
  • Telephone consultation to medical providers, law enforcement, schools, child protection services and hospital emergency departments
  • Hospital consultation

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