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Speech Therapy

Sanford Speech Therapy provides comprehensive inpatient and outpatient services to both children and adults. Speech therapists assist adult patients to relearn thinking, communication and swallowing skills, often following an injury or illness. Children are helped to maximize their development in feeding and swallowing, talking or listening, language and thinking and social communication.

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Speech Therapy Services

Speech therapy is used as part of a patient's treatment plan in many different developmental areas. Speech therapy services, like our free screenings, may be utilized during the progression of a condition or after a trauma as well.

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Providing Comprehensive Care

Our team includes highly experienced and certified staff who provide speech therapy to a variety of neurological and physical conditions. Find out about the common diagnoses we treat.

Speech Sound Disorders in Children

As young children learn language skills, it's normal for them to have some difficulty saying words correctly. That's part of the learning process. But some children have speech sound disorders.