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Transplant Outcomes

Transplant Outcomes

When you or a family member needs a transplant, you have a lot on your mind. Rest assured that the Sanford Transplant program has the expertise and experience to produce the best transplant outcomes.

National and Transplant Center-Specific Outcomes

The Scientific Registry of Transplant Recipients (SRTR) is a national database of statistics related to solid organ transplantation. The registry covers a full range of transplant activity, from organ donation and waiting list candidates to transplant recipients and survival statistics. Its purpose is to support the development of sound policy, to encourage research on issues of importance to the transplant community, and to facilitate responsible analysis of transplant programs and Organ Procurement Organizations. You will find a complete list of all transplant activities of the Sanford Transplant Center on SRTR. 

Patient stories

John Crandall

A mother's gift gives her son new life

John received the gift of life from a very special person, his mom.

“The whole process was a surreal experience,” says John’s mom Kim. “You hear a lot that donors are heroes and I totally understand that, but I guess I just never felt like that. I was just being a mom. He needed something I could give to him, and I did.”

Ginny Huettmann

How a transplant helped one woman beat the odds

When Ginny was a child, a doctor informed her parents that she wouldn’t live to see 30.

“I have so much more freedom now that I have my kidney,” says Ginny. “Now I can do what I love.”

Jeff Prins

The greatest gift

Jeff was experiencing kidney failure at age 36. After 2,207 days on dialysis, the wait was over.

“I couldn’t be happier with the outcomes and my team at Sanford,” says Jeff. “I trusted them completely.”


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