Spiritual Care

Offering Spiritual Support

A hospital stay can be stressful, especially stays concerning a serious illness or life-changing event. Sanford Health offers spiritual support 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We’re here to support patients and their families by providing spiritual and emotional solace during tough times.

The Spiritual Care team helps you draw upon the resources that you find meaningful and works to offer the support you need to cope with challenges.

If you or your family are not part of a particular faith tradition, spirituality is still an important part of life. It is about finding meaning, exploring life’s biggest questions and connecting with something greater than yourself, whether that be God, a creator, a higher power, your family or a greater cause in your life. Religion is a vital way that many people express their spirituality, but nature, reading, music, laughter and serving others are also expressions of spirituality that can help give life meaning and hope.

Faith Representatives

If you are a member of a faith community, we encourage you to reach out to your faith leader so that he or she can be a part of your support team.

The Spiritual Care team can connect you with representatives from various religious groups who can provide prayer, rituals or sacraments specific to your faith tradition.

Spiritual Care Regional Leaders

Don Low, M.Ed., M.DIV.
(218) 333-2493

Christina Martin
Manager, Spiritual Care
(701) 323-2942

Rev. Gina Harvey, ACPE CE
Director, Spiritual Care & Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE)
(701) 234-3513


Sioux Falls
Katie Menne
Director, Spiritual Care
(605) 312-3510

Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) Program
Rev. Gina Harvey
(701) 234-3513

Good Samaritan Society National Campus
Christine Hallenbeck Ask
Director, Mission Integration and Senior Pastor