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Insurance & Financing

Preparation for weight-loss surgery involves considerable work, both in your day-to-day actions and in the efforts required to make insurance and financial arrangements. Don't be surprised if the process involves many phone calls, letters and record-keeping. Sanford's team of experts includes professionals who can assist you at every step of the way.


"Will insurance cover my surgery?"
Patients have many different insurance companies and their policies vary. At the start, it's important for you to contact your insurance provider to find out if your specific policy covers weight-loss surgery. Regional companies such as Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota and Sanford Health Plan offer many policies that include coverage for weight-loss surgery. But please know it's critical that you get the information you need from your specific insurance company.


"How much does surgery cost?" The cost of surgery varies from patient to patient, depending on medical needs. For all payment information, including payment plans, self-pay options, and cost estimates, please call Patient Financial Services at (701) 234-2119. All charges are subject to any deductible and co-pay charges.

"What if insurance doesn't cover my surgery?"
Self-pay options are available. Please contact Patient Financial Services (701) 234-2119 to learn more.

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