Certificate of Insurance

Verify Professional Liability Insurance

Sanford Health's certificate of liability insurance is now available in digital form.

To provide you with this information in a timely manner, we have established this section on our website with the current certificate of insurance. Download now:

Claims History Reports

What is a Claims History Report

A Claims History is a report of claims and lawsuits asserted against a medical professional.

How to Request a Claims History Report

To request professional liability coverage information and/or claim history of a current or former Sanford provider, you must provide a completed and signed Sanford Authorization for Release of Provider Claims History and submit the authorization with a completed Professional Liability Coverage Verification and Claims History Request.    

What is in a Standard Claims History Report

Upon request and receipt of appropriate documentation, the Sanford claims team will provide a standard claims history report for a provider.

  • This report would include all open claims and suits for that provider.
  • For closed claims and suits, a five-year claims history would be provided.This five-year time period would be calculated based on the “date reported.”

This claims history report will include:

  • Both claims and suits, regardless of whether a payment was made on behalf of that provider.
  • Files where a provider was a target employee and/or named defendant.
  • Information on whether or not a payment was made on behalf of the provider.
    • Amounts of settlements will not be provided.
    • Amounts of verdicts may be provided.
  • Date of Loss
  • Date Reported
  • Claim Number
  • Policy Number
  • Claim Type
  • Brief description of claim/suit
  • Date claims history report was run