Sports Physicals

Be Ready for the Season

Most school and sports organizations and activities require student athletes to complete a sports physical before the season starts. These exams make sure students can safely participate in a sport.

What is a Sports Physical?

During a sports physical, a trained provider examines the student for hidden health issues or weaknesses. The goal of these exams is to catch undiagnosed issues in the clinic before they become problems on the field or court.

Your provider will check:

  • Past medical history, including injuries and concussions
  • Heart health
  • Respiratory health
  • Social history (for teens)

Heart and lung problems can keep children from safely playing a sport. These issues can go unnoticed except by trained professionals who are looking for them.

Sports physicals also give parents and children the opportunity to discuss sports safety and injury prevention with an expert. They’ll go over concussion symptoms, safety gear, signs of dehydration and more. The physical is also a place to bring up any health concerns or questions, even if they’re unrelated to sports.

Learn more about sports physicals.

Where Can I Get a Physical?

Pediatric primary care, family medicine or orthopedic care providers can offer these exams. Contact your Sanford Health clinic for more information. Students can also get a physical from their regular doctor. Well child visits (or annual checkups) also qualify as a physical and include the full scope of pediatric preventive care as well as a comprehensive look at a child’s health.

Sports physicals and well child visits are appointment-only at this time. Please bring school paperwork to the appointment with the parent portion completed.

These exams aren’t always covered by insurance but are low-cost options to check your child’s health. Well child visits are usually completely covered by insurance.

Typically, an exam is good for one year.

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