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Since their nervous system is still developing, children who visit a neurologist may have more complex needs than adults. At Sanford Children’s, you’ll find specialists who understand the complexities of pediatric brain, spine and nervous system care. Turn to the neurology experts at Sanford Children’s for exceptional pediatric care.

Our pediatric neurologists provide advanced care for patients from infants to adolescents. They can also treat neurological conditions in children with special needs, including autism.

Sanford Children’s has more specialties and specialists than anywhere else in the region. We deliver high-quality, compassionate care to children in need of specialized care.

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Children’s Brain, Spine & Nervous System Disorders

We diagnose, treat and manage neurological conditions with a collaborative approach. Your family will get medical care from a team of neurologists, specialists, primary care providers, nurses, physicians and more. They will provide care that fits your child’s needs as they grow and change.

Our specialists treat a variety of pediatric neurological conditions, including:

  • Chiari malformation: A disorder in which the brain extends past the skull and into the spinal canal. It doesn’t always have symptoms and may only need to be monitored. This condition sometimes requires surgery.

  • Epilepsy: Epilepsy causes involuntary muscle spasms or contractions and strange behavior or sensations. A child can faint or lose consciousness during a seizure. Pediatricians treat epilepsy with medications and, in severe cases, surgery.

  • Hydrocephalus: A rare condition caused by the abnormal buildup of fluid deep in the brain. Surgeons treat hydrocephalus by draining excess fluid through a tube.

  • Movement disorders: Conditions that cause involuntary movements or hinder voluntary movements. The treatment or management of these disorders depends on their underlying cause.

  • Spina bifida: Present at birth, spina bifida occurs when the spine develops abnormally.

  • Traumatic brain injuries: Brain problems caused by a violent blow to the head, often sports-related in children. Your child’s neurologist may recommend rest, medication or surgery as treatment.

Our neurology specialists also treat these conditions in children:

  • Complex brain and spinal tumors

  • Headaches

  • Intracranial cysts

  • Vascular malformations that affect the nervous system

We treat most conditions that need surgery on a child’s brain, spine or nervous system. If your child needs surgery, our neurosurgeons use advanced surgical techniques for safer procedures. They perform less invasive surgeries whenever possible. These procedures make fewer and smaller cuts so your child can recover faster and get back to being a kid.

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