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Hearing is vital to communication and socialization. You don’t have to suffer through hearing loss. Hear what you’ve been missing with help from Sanford Health’s expert audiologists.

Sanford Health offers hearing testing, diagnosis and treatment for patients of all ages. We provide care and support for children to senior citizens. Come to Sanford Health to slow hearing loss, prevent further damage and improve your hearing ability.

Don’t delay if you’re worried about your hearing. Find an audiologist or a hearing clinic below to schedule an appointment.

Our services include:

  • Audiology testing: For adults, we conduct hearing tests in a soundproof room. You will wear headphones and indicate to the tester whenever you hear a tone in an ear.
  • Pediatric hearing testing: Hearing problems can go undiagnosed in newborns for over a year. Sanford Health tests all infants at birth for hearing loss. We can also check a child’s hearing using similar methods to adult tests. We offer alternative testing for children who can’t be tested with the usual methods.
  • Hearing aids: Improve your hearing and speech with hearing aids. These electronic, battery-operated devices amplify sounds for those with hearing loss.
  • ABR testing: Auditory brainstem response is a test that uses wires attached to a child’s scalp to see how their hearing nerve pathways respond to sounds. It is a safe and painless test.
  • Hearing conservation: We’ll work with you to identify a plan to slow or prevent further hearing loss. Plans includes monitoring noise exposure, choosing ear protection gear and scheduling later hearing tests.
  • Cochlear implant consults: Cochlear implants can help people with little to no hearing abilities. A cochlear implant is surgically implanted and doesn’t restore hearing, but gives a person a sense of sound. Consult a Sanford Health audiologist to see if a cochlear implant can improve your hearing. Learn more. 

Our audiology services are just one part of our larger health care system. When you visit Sanford Health hearing specialists, they will connect with your primary care provider to discuss your next steps.

Find out more about hearing loss.

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