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Sanford Wound Healing Center

Sanford Wound Healing Center

The Sanford Wound Healing Center provides exceptional care for non-healing wounds. We treat chronic wounds and ulcers, including leg swelling, that haven’t cleared up after five to eight weeks.

These wounds can be life-threatening if not properly treated. Non-healing wounds can become infected, which can lead to a serious illness or limb loss.

Most non-healing wounds are caused by circulation issues. Wounds need proper blood flow and oxygen to heal. If you have a vascular issue, wounds may heal slowly or poorly, especially on your extremities.

At the Sanford Wound Healing Center, we treat the wound and its underlying cause. We assist vascular surgery and Sanford Surgical Associates patients with non-healing surgical wounds. Vascular surgeons, podiatrists and plastic surgeons hold clinics in our space with the help of our nurses. We’re proud to have nurses certified in wound and ostomy care on our team.

We also offer infectious disease consults.

To visit the Sanford Wound Healing Center, you’ll need a referral from a provider. We accept referrals from podiatrists, vascular surgeons, plastic surgeons, primary care providers, acute care and ERs. Same-week appointments are available.

Sanford Health offers wound healing at this location and at the Sanford Vascular Associates.

Types of Care

  • Wound Care

Sanford Wound Healing Center Doctors

If you have a wound that isn’t healing, the Sanford Wound Healing Center can help. We offer the latest in wound care services to help you heal.