Sanford Health PrimeWest Residential Support Center

Sanford Health PrimeWest Residential Support Center

The Sanford Health PrimeWest Residential Support Center is a voluntary residential treatment facility for adults who are overcoming mental health and chemical dependency issues. Its focus is to provide a safe place for healing and recovery with services specific to fit patient needs.

Residential Crisis Stabilization Services

If you or someone you love needs short-term help to get back to everyday life, Sanford is here to help. Our short-term behavioral program will help patients recover over three to 10 days.

Our center focuses on recovery, prevention and education. Our patients receive:

  • Relapse recovery and prevention planning
  • Illness management services
  • Crisis assessment, treatment and discharge planning
  • Medication monitoring and education Skills training
  • Collaboration with agencies, providers, family and community resources

We treat adults experiencing a mental health or behavioral emergency. Patients must have a one-on-one assessment with a mental health professional before admittance.

Intensive Residential Treatment Services

These services are for patients in need of structure, are at-risk of significant function deterioration and who require access to 24/7 mental health help. Our experienced staff can assist patients in daily tasks and help prevent relapse. They will help walk patients through the program, from treatment to prevention planning to discharge. Patients will develop health care plans, undergo skills training, plan for transition and discharge, and more.

This program is for adults diagnosed with a mental illness. It is ideal for patients in need of 24-hour supervised, monitored and focused treatment.

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