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Sanford Center for Screening

Sanford Center for Screening

The Sanford Center for Screening team offers preventive screenings for your heart and vascular health. We’re skilled in providing high-quality heart and vascular screenings.

We offer screenings to individuals in communities across South Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa and Nebraska. We also have a mobile unit that can travel to deliver screenings.

A heart screening is recommended once every 10 years for everyone ages 40 to 75 and women who are postmenopausal. These tests are often recommended to patients at risk of coronary artery disease but experience no symptoms. Because it is a preventive screening, patients don’t need a referral unless they are under the age of 40 to get screened.

Heart disease continues to be the leading cause of death in Americans, even though it is 80% preventable. A heart screening at the Sanford Center for Screening includes a blood pressure check, body mass index calculation, cholesterol test, CT calcium score, EKG and Framingham risk score.

Vascular screenings are recommended once every three to five years starting at age 40. For patients with type 1 diabetes, they should start vascular screenings at age 30.

Vascular screenings check for vascular disease, a sometimes life-threatening condition affecting the blood vessels. It can lead to high blood pressure, limb loss, heart attack, stroke and kidney failure. To prepare for your vascular screening, do not eat or drink for four hours before your test. You can continue to take your medications as normal.

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