Sanford Bemidji Medication Assisted Therapy Clinic

Sanford Bemidji Medication Assisted Therapy Clinic

The Sanford Bemidji Medication Assisted Therapy Clinic team offers compassionate care to those working toward recovery from opioid use disorder.

Our addiction experts:

  • Help patients develop personal wellness skills
  • Reduce cravings
  • Reduce risk-taking behavior
  • Restore normal ways of life
  • Teach patients skills to help maintain a safe home for families
  • Treat physical opioid dependence

We offer a voluntary treatment program to men and women with opioid use disorder, particularly those struggling with addictions to pain pills or heroin. The program offers:

  • Case management
  • Daily medication at the clinic
  • Education and care planning
  • On-site counseling
  • On-site outpatient treatment
  • Support to those with an opioid use disorder


First Steps to Healthy Families 

This location is the home of the First Steps to Healthy Families program. This program seeks to encourage parents to live a sober lifestyle to build positive and supportive relationships between parents and children.

This program promotes healthy families by:

  • Connecting participants to addiction treatment services as well as resources to help them meet their daily needs
  • Giving judgment-free support without shame
  • Helping families and individuals struggling with addiction who have children under 5 years old
  • Helping individuals stop using drugs and alcohol during pregnancy
  • Helping people break free from their dependence on alcohol and drugs, including opiates such as heroin, morphine, codeine, oxycodone and more
  • Incorporating home visits
  • Offering chemical health assessments and alcohol and drug services
  • Offering prenatal care
  • Supporting healthy families to help them stay together

The First Steps to Healthy Families project is made possible by funding from the Minnesota Department of Human Services.


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