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Megan Bolda, AuD


  • Undergraduate
    Speech and Hearing Science; Purdue University
  • Medical School
    Audiology Studies; Rush University Medical Center

I know that most patients are not ecstatic about hearing loss or hearing aids. I try to make each visit educational without being boring. I make sure that I identify the primary concern of the patient and address that concern fully. If we do end up pursing hearing aids, I try to add a bit of fun and humor into the situation as it can certainly be a difficult situation.

I’ve really enjoyed working with patients who have tinnitus related to hearing loss. It is very fulfilling when I can help a patient not only hear better but also decrease the perception of their tinnitus. In graduate school, I loved working with auditory processing disorders. The way the auditory system works in all its complexity is simply fascinating! From interpreting sound waves all the way up to determining if a statement is sarcastic or serious—our auditory system is a work of art and science. And it’s so small the entire system can fit in the palm of your hand!


My mom is a nurse and my greatest source of inspiration. She always encouraged me to go into healthcare. I decided to be an audiologist very early on in life. I had a long history of ear infections and always thought that the hearing test was the coolest thing in the world. The audiologists that I saw as a child were so happy and positive that it influenced my career choice throughout high school, college and graduate school.

I married a wonderful, kind and very patient man. Den has been supportive of me and my education and career from day one. We met in high school and were immediate friends. That friendship turned out to be the greatest love of my life. I am very blessed to have him as my husband. He even moved from Chicago to North Dakota with me! We are surrounded with love through my parents and brothers in Chicago and our North Dakota friends!
Most of the time, if I’m not working, I’m knitting. Socks, sweaters, toys, you name it, and I’ll knit it! My husband and I are also in the process of restoring a home that was built in 1920 and a 1973 Beetle convertible. The car has been a long process but a great learning experience! All of these hobbies have taught me patience and that you have to have a sense of humor in order to make it through the frustrations!

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