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The Radiology Department at Sanford Worthington Medical Center (SWMC) houses resources used to aid in a precise diagnosis of various health problems. SWMC Radiology uses cutting edge technology, first class training and compassionate care to produce a first class exam. The tools available are listed below.

Cardiovascular Ultrasound

Computed Tomography (CT)
CT, sometimes called CAT scan, uses special X-ray equipment to obtain image data from different angles around the body.  CT imaging is particularly useful because it can show several types of tissue with great clarity, including organs such as the liver, spleen, pancreas and kidneys.  Using specialized equipment and expertise to create and interpret CT scans, a radiologist can accurately determine many causes of pain and discomfort, allowing for a diagnosis.

Dexa Scan

Digital Mammography

General Radiography

General X-Ray
X-Ray, also called General Radiology, is the oldest, most common and most frequently used form of medical imaging. It was discovered more than a century ago. X-ray can produce images of the human body on film or digitally on the computer screen. We are able to take x-rays on any thing throughout the body. The most common X-ray is the chest X-ray.

Magnetic Resonance imaging (MRI)
SWMC has an in-house MRI service.  An MRI scanner uses an extremely strong magnetic field, radio frequency waves and a computer to generate cross-sectional images.  MRI is extremely precise in depicting differences for various soft tissues of the body.  MRI scans can be done to all parts of the body but are commonly done to the brain, spine and musculoskeletal system.

Nuclear Medicine


Ultrasound, also called sonography, is a method of obtaining images of internal organs by sending high-frequency sound waves into the body.  Because ultrasound images are captured in real time, they can show movement of internal tissues and organs and enable physicians to see blood flow.  This can help diagnose a variety of conditions.

An OB ultrasound image is useful in examining the baby's skeletal system, heart rate, weight, sex, estimated due date and the position of the placenta.  The parents also receive pictures of the baby for their personal use.

For more information on any of our Radiology services, please call 507-372-3165.