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Sanford Health provides a full service laboratory that is accredited by the College of American Pathologists. Pathology is the study of disease. A pathologist is a medical doctor who looks at the causes of disease, how diseases progress, and how diseases affect the body. We offer comprehensive anatomic and clinical pathology services.

We are available for consultations seven days a week, 24 hours a day. We utilize Mayo Medical Laboratories as our primary reference lab for tests that are not performed in our laboratory as well as for surgical pathology consultations.

The Difference between Anatomical and Clinical Pathology

Anatomical pathology is the study of organs and tissues to determine the causes and effects of particular diseases. Clinical pathology covers a wide range of laboratory functions and is concerned with the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of disease. 

Anatomic pathology services include surgical pathology, cytology, autopsy, fine needle aspiration biopsy, bone marrow biopsy and blood smear interpretations. 

Clinical laboratory services include hematology, chemistry, blood bank, microbiology and urinalysis.

Sanford's Lab Catalog

Sanford's Lab Catalog

Receiving lab results can be confusing when the purpose of the lab test is unclear. Our lab catalog interactive tool allows you to search for a specific lab test, or learn more about each lab test provided at Sanford Pathology in Bismarck. 

Understanding Your Test Results

Understanding Your Test Results

Lab Tests Online® is a very user-friendly and informative website created by clinical laboratory professionals to enable patients and their families to gain a better understanding of the many clinical laboratory tests ordered by physicians to assist in the diagnosis and treatment of many conditions and diseases.