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Fitness Classes

Exercise is the key to living a long and healthy life, and at Sanford Health, we want to help you make regular exercise a priority. We offer a variety of small group fitness classes, all taught by certified wellness and fitness instructors.

There is no membership fee and group fitness classes range from $5 for a 30-minute class to $7 for a 50-minute class.
Choose from any of the group fitness classes below.
Call (605) 328-7155 to register.

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Yoga and Prenatal Yoga

Relax and re-energize to relieve stress and build better posture.

MVe Chair Pilates

Dynamic resistance training to build strength, balance and endurance.

Mom2Be Prenatal Fitness

Maintain good posture, perform safe lifting and help prepare your body for labor.

Functional Fitness

Strengthen core muscles for everyday life skills.


Yoga+Pilates to improve balance, posture and flexibility.

Specialty Fitness

Build strength and improve balance to accomplish daily life activities.

Intro to Fitness

Try out a little bit of each workout to discover what works for you.