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DeGroot Foundation


The DeGroot Center is committed to providing educational opportunities for Sanford Health hospital employees, students in the health professions and the greater Sioux Falls community. Each year the Center sponsors the Ethics in Action Conference held at Sanford USD Medical Center where both community members and Sanford Health employees are invited to attend. The conference is designed to broaden local knowledge and awareness of bioethical issues and to provide an opportunity to share insights on important topics in health care ethics. Each conference has featured a nationally known keynote speaker.

A roundtable for cutting edge ethical discussions called First Friday is held from 7 a.m.-8 a.m. on the first Friday of the month (October through April). First Friday is a creative forum for discussing ethical issues and includes guest lectures, movie showings, and literature reviews. All are invited to attend these events. 

In conjunction with the Wegner Health Sciences Information Center, the DeGroot Center provides a library of literature and periodicals devoted to the study and understanding of ethics as it applies to medicine. Resources include periodicals, books, audio and video recordings, and lectures.

The range of topics the Center addresses continues to expand to reflect technological advances in medicine and science, which challenge our values and generate ethical dilemmas.

Contact the DeGroot Center for more information on:

  • Film and study guides
  • Summer read
  • Mindfulness
  • Movie Morning (Third Friday January –April, 7a.m.)
  • First Friday (First Friday October-April, 7a.m.)
  • Podcasts
  • Sanford Art (Jessie Park)
  • Embedded ethics
  • Ethics in action
  • Integrative health