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DeGroot Center: Bioethics, Humanities, and the Healing Arts

The DeGroot Center at Sanford USD Medical Center is an ethics consultation and education resource for Sanford Health. The DeGroot Center is committed to providing patients, family members and hospital staff with assistance on addressing ethical issues that may arise before and during medical care. The DeGroot Center provides bioethics education, clinical ethics consultation, hospital ethics committees, and community education while working closely with integrative health, spiritual care, the Sanford Palliative Care team, and the USD Sanford School of Medicine.

Clinical ethics consultation

Clinical ethics consultation is a free service available to all patients, caregivers and staff. Request a consult when challenging questions in patient care arise. Challenging questions may surface when discussing goals of care and treatment for a specific patient. When faced with hard choices, those involved in the patient’s care may be unsure how to proceed, need clarification or they may disagree. In such situations, consultation with an ethics consultant or committee may help those involved better understand the situation. Recommendations are offered but the final decision always remains with doctors, patient and family.

The DeGroot Foundation

The DeGroot Center is supported by the Abel and Norma DeGroot Endowment for Bioethics, Humanities, and the Healing Arts.