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Your Partner Throughout Parenthood

Parents and parents-to-be, this is your place. Ask questions. Get information on pregnancy and raising children. Find safety gear for your home, too.

Visit the Sanford Children's Safety Centers retail stores for:

  • Gates
  • Outlet covers
  • Doorknob covers
  • Other child-proofing products
  • In-store safety product demonstrations

You also can get a car seat safety inspection and other safety education.


Consultations & Resources


New Baby in the Home Consultation

It is common to have many questions and your newborn arrives home. We're here to answer them. This service is sponsored by the Sioux Empire United Way.

Call us today to schedule a consultation at (605) 312-8390.

Getting to Know Baby Better Consultation

Babies are born with different personalities - unique temperament traits. We'll give you tips and tools personalized to your baby's characteristics. This service is sponsored by the Sioux Empire United Way.

Complete a temperament questionnaire and schedule a consultation, call (605) 312-8390.

Parenting Consultation

Is this normal? How do I develop a morning and nighttime routine? What should I expect developmentally? We're here to help answer these and many other common parenting questions and support you along the way.

To receive tips and tools, call for a personalized on-on-one session, (605) 312-8390.

Challenging Behaviors Consultation

Biting, tantrums and a little attitude - all parents have been through it. Learn how to get through these frustrating moments. Schedule a personalized one-on-one session; call (605) 312-8390 today!

Safe Sleep Consultation

Safe sleep practices are proven to decrease the chance of SIDS. Make sure you and anyone who cares for your child are using safe sleep practices. Bring any caregiver; such as, grandparents, aunts, uncles and friends to learn safe sleep practices. Call (605) 312-8390 to schedule.

Safe Home = Safe Family Consultation

As your child grows so does his or her curiosity and ability to move. This service will help you keep your home safe for your little explorer. This service is sponsored by the Sioux Empire United Way. Find the right safety product for your needs; call (605) 312-8390 to schedule a consultation.

Car Seat Safety Consultation

Can my child seat move forward? How long do I use a booster seat? How do I properly install this seat in my car? Stay safe while you travel. Call (605) 312-8390 to schedule a one-on-one education session and inspection of your child’s safety seat.

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United Way Partnership

Sanford Health Parenting Services is proud to be a Sioux Empire United Way funded agency. When you give to Sioux Empire United Way, you’re making a difference in your community through programs like ours. We’re one of 85 local programs funded by Sioux Empire United Way.
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