Sanford Health Trillium

Sanford Health Trillium

Sanford Health Trillium memory care offers a comfortable, private alternative to traditional options for those affected by a memory illness and who need a high level of support in the community.

Designed to feel more like home, Trillium provides extensive care in a secure environment with controlled access. We help residents live as independently as possible.

Trillium focuses on the needs of our residents so they can focus on what they enjoy most. We offer a diverse mix of affordable personal services and health care options.

Trillium features:

  • Six spacious studio suites per neighborhood
  • Three one-bedroom apartments per neighborhood
  • Private bathroom and kitchenette included

Each suite features non-obtrusive sensor technology – called QuietCare – which alerts the staff if a resident's daily activity changes in a substantial way.

This technology allows the staff to identify small health problems before they become larger ones. It also provides better communication among residents, their family members and the WoodsEdge Senior Living Campus team.