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Sanford Executive Health Center

Sanford Executive Health Center

Your work is demanding, and so is your schedule. When a company relies on your leadership, you may have many responsibilities that need your energy and attention. Medical checkups can seem low-priority, but taking charge of your health and wellness helps you be at your productive best. Get a one-day health assessment at the Sanford Executive Health Center Fargo to ensure your health for now and your future years.

This exclusive program provides you with the highest quality medical care on a schedule that won’t interfere with your busy days. You’ll get a complete physical examination, preventive screenings and tests in a private setting. The entire program takes only one business day to meet all your medical needs.

We’ll tailor your health evaluation to your individual needs. Your assessment may include:

  • Complete physical examination with physician
  • Hearing test
  • Heart score CT scan
  • Lab tests: blood count, blood chemistry panel, cholesterol panel, chest X-ray
  • Nutrition consultation
  • Prostate screening (men age 50 and older)
  • Screening vascular studies
  • Dermatology skin check
  • Treadmill stress test
  • Genetic counseling consultation
  • Physical therapy consultation
  • Stress management consultation

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