Sanford Children's Feeding and Nutrition Center

Sanford Children's Feeding and Nutrition Center

Sanford Children’s Feeding and Nutrition Center in Fargo, North Dakota, offers the best care in the region for a variety of pediatric feeding and swallowing difficulties.

Whatever your child’s needs, we can help. We provide various levels of care to children of all abilities and ages from birth to age 18.

We offer:

  • Personalized treatments. Our center has outpatient and intensive therapy services based on children’s needs.
  • Comprehensive evaluations. Our experts will determine what level of care your child needs and connect them to appropriate services.
  • A team approach. You and your child may work with specialists in psychology, nutrition, speech therapy, pediatrics, pediatric gastroenterology, nursing and more.
  • Dedication to success. Children in our program meet 93% of their treatment goals.

This pediatric feeding disorders program uses evidence-based treatments to guide how we approach your child’s care. Learn more about our program.

Types of Care

  • Pediatric Nutrition

Sanford Children's Feeding and Nutrition Center Doctors