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Sanford Children's Clinic in Klamath Falls, OR

Sanford Children's Clinic in Klamath Falls, OR

A lifetime of good health starts with pediatric care. From annual checkups to vaccinations to mending broken bones, Sanford Children’s Clinics provide excellent medical care in fun, kid-friendly environments throughout the United States. In cooperation with Sky Lakes Medical Center for hospital and ancillary services, Sanford Children’s Clinic offers a full range of services to children of all ages and their families.

Benefits of seeing a Pediatrician
As an adult, your body and health care needs are different than those of a child’s. There are many reasons a child can benefit from seeing a pediatrician instead of a family medicine doctor. One of the primary reasons is because pediatricians have special education and training that is focused solely on the needs of growing children.

To best serve our patients, we are the only facility in the region to offer pediatric endocrinology services.

Same-day appointments available

Access to the physicians and the clinic is easy and convenient. You can make an appointment by phone or online at MySanfordChart, where you can also request your child’s medical and immunization records.

Castle of Care™
Because we believe in the healing power of play, we have built castle-themed clinics in order to provide a fun and engaging environment for children.

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