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Welcome to fit !

fit is a national initiative, developed by Sanford Health, where we are taking a fun, fresh, holistic approach aimed at promoting and activating healthy choices and actions for children and families. Through fit, we are actively working to promote healthy lifestyles in homes, schools, daycares, our clinical settings and throughout the community by way of technology, engaging programs and utilizing key role models in a child's life.

fit is uniquely focused on the four key elements of healthy living: FOOD, MOVE, MOOD and RECHARGE. It helps children and families understand how the key influencers – MOOD and RECHARGE – affect their daily choices and habits – FOOD and MOVE. They are all connected! And, by understanding how these four elements are connected, families can experience real and meaningful change.

Being Fit Kids

A major component of fit is a web partnership between Sanford Health and WebMD. Discover all of the fun and engaging web resources for juniors, kids and teens that fit has to offer by clicking on the links at the side of the page. Children and teens will find an entertaining and interactive online learning environment where they can play games, watch videos and take daily challenges.

Parents can find tips and tools on becoming healthy role models and raising fit kids at sanfordfit.org. Check it out and be fit today!