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Benjamin Noonan, MD


  • Medical School
    Yale University - School of Medicine (New Haven, CT)
  • Residency
    Orthopedic Surgery: Yale University - School of Medicine (New Haven, CT)
  • Fellowship
    Sports Medicine: University of Michigan (Ann Arbor, MI)

Arthroscopies of the hip for femoral acetabular impingement and labral tears; Knee realignment surgeries; ACL reconstructions; PCL reconstructions; Multi-ligament reconstructions; Cartilage procedures; Meniscus repairs; Meniscal transplants; Sports injuries of the hip, knee, and shoulder; Rotator cuff tears; Shoulder arthritis; Multi-ligament knee injuries; High tibial osteotomies; Patellar instability; Knee discolorations; ACL injuries; Arthroscopic shoulder surgery; Rotator cuff repair

I see the doctor patient relationship as much more of a partnership than it has been in the past. Patients are much more informed of their options now and need a well trained and honest physician to sometimes guide them through the mountain of information available to them. I see my role as providing viable options for whatever issues my patients have and then helping them to make the best informed decision they can. As a surgeon, I clearly enjoy operating, but sometimes that is not the correct choice for a given patient and issue.

I plan to continue working in concert with Sanford’s POWER Center staff on collaborative performance, injury prevention and exercise-based research.

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Study looking at kinematic analysis of hockey skating stride on ice and a treadmill.


Dr. Noonan is married to Melanie, who is a neonatal nurse, they have one son. In his spare time Dr. Noonan plays hockey a few times a week and has an interest in drag racing which he hopes to return to as well. He also has a background in Tae Kwon Do, competing at the national level.

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