Weight Loss Surgery Informational Session – Bismarck, ND

Weight Loss Surgery Informational Session – Bismarck, ND

If you’re considering weight loss surgery, our team of weight loss experts is here to provide you with the information you need to know.

What you can expect at each session:

  • Explanation of the surgical options we offer from our weight loss surgeon, Bree Dewing, MD, such as:
    Laparoscopic gastric bypass
    Laparoscopic gastric sleeve
  • Discover who an ideal candidate for weight loss surgery. We'll answer questions like:
    What's involved in qualifying?
    Does insurance cover the entire process?
    Why is Sanford selective?
  • Information about our intensive pre-surgery phases: nutrition, exercise and psychological readiness.
  • Learn about what happens after surgery including recovery, follow-up care, specialized support and keys to long-term success.
  • Time to have your questions answered.
  • A timeline of tasks to prepare for weight loss surgery.
  • An opportunity to meet members of our weight loss surgery support team like a weight loss coordinator or a weight loss dietitian.

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