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Volunteer Opportunities in the Fargo Region

Thank you for your interest in volunteering at Sanford Health. We appreciate your community spirit and look forward to welcoming you to our family of caregivers.

Volunteer Opportunities
Volunteer Application

Note: Baby Cuddler calendars are full at this time.


We require that:

  • Volunteers are at least 17 years old; some positions require a minimum age of 18 years old and a high school graduate.
  • Able to communicate clearly in English.
  • Committing to at least 50 hours of volunteer service (about 3-4 hours a week).
  • We cannot accept volunteers who are meeting court-mandated community service hours.
  • As of October 1st, 2013 Sanford requires all volunteers to have the influenza vaccination in order to volunteer during the flu season (typically November through April).

Volunteer Qualification Policy
Qualifications for volunteers will be assessed during the interview process. All volunteers are to complete a Sanford Health Volunteer Application and where questions of competence exist, references will be checked. Every volunteer will receive full orientation regardless of where and how long they will provide services for Sanford.

Orientation will include:

  • Review of Volunteer Handbook (which includes information on confidentiality, volunteer responsibilities, uniform policy, infection control and precautions, emergency codes)
  • Required background check
  • TB (Mantoux) testing
  • As of May 1st, 2013, Sanford requires a copy of your immunization records to be submitted to Volunteer Services prior to your scheduled Volunteer Orientation session.

All of the above must be completed prior to starting to volunteer at Sanford. If a past employee of Sanford applies to volunteer, Human Resources - Employee Relations will be contacted in order to determine if the past employee should work in a volunteer capacity.

PLEASE NOTE: our primary form of communication with you will be the e-mail address you provide us with. If no e-mail address is given we will contact you at the phone number provided.


Due to the time and expense it takes volunteers to complete the qualification process, we do require that you give us a six-month commitment. However, we do make exceptions for college students and require at least a semester of their volunteer time. By completing a six-month commitment, it gives our volunteers far more experience within our health system. It also affords us more opportunity to observe our volunteers in action, allowing us to give a more thorough letter of recommendation, when requested.

Our full year program is for individuals who commit to volunteering for a full year (12 months) or longer. Individuals are required to commit to volunteering a minimum of two or more shifts each month. Shifts are 3-4 hours in length and the same shift each week.

Our school year program is divided into two semesters:

  • Fall Semester – Application due by September 3rd – Applications submitted after this date will be contacted for the spring orientations in January.
    • September 13th from 5:30  – 7:00 p.m. Downtown Campus
    • September 18th from 5:30  – 7:00 p.m. Downtown Campus
  • Spring Semester – Applications due by January 7th – Applications submitted after this date will be contacted for the summer orientations in May.
    • January 17th from 5:30  – 7:00 p.m. Downtown Campus
    • January 22nd from 5:30  – 7:00 p.m. Downtown Campus

Applications due by May 1st – Applications submitted after this date will be contact for the fall orientations in September. Individuals are required to volunteer 30 hours during the season and must commit to one shift per week. Shifts are 3-4 hours in length and the same shift each week. Orientation sessions for the Summer will be:

May 7th from 5:30 - 7:00 pm Downtown Campus
May 16th from 5:30 - 7:00 pm Downtown Campus

For more information about volunteering at Sanford Health in the Fargo region, please contact our Director of Volunteer Services:

Sanford Volunteer Services: Fargo, ND
PO Box 2010
Fargo, ND 58122-1268