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Dialysis is a life-saving procedure for patients whose kidneys have been lost or do not properly function due to disease, birth defects or injury. The treatment removes waste and extra fluids from patients with diseased kidneys.

Dialysis can be used temporarily until the kidneys resume function or the patient receives a transplant—or for years if those options are not available.

There are two types of dialysis: hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis. 

Hemodialysis is a process that uses a man-made membrane to clear wastes from the blood, restore the proper balance of electrolytes in the blood and eliminate extra fluid from the body. 

Peritoneal dialysis uses a natural filter—a membrane inside your body—to clear wastes and extra fluid from your body and to return electrolyte levels to normal. After being trained at a dialysis center, a patient can do peritoneal dialysis treatments at home, on his or her own schedule. Not all dialysis patients qualify for this type of treatment.

Liposorber Treatment

Liposorber Treatment

For some people, even diet and prescription medications cannot effectively lower dangerously high levels of low density lipids (LDL), or bad cholesterol. These patients now have a new option called Liposorber treatment. Sanford Health is the only facility in North Dakota offering this advanced technology.

The Liposorber system works by removing the bad cholesterol from the blood. A needle is inserted into the patient's arm. The patient's blood flows through the Liposorber system, where the bad cholesterol is removed. The blood, which now contains only good cholesterol, is returned to the patient through a second needle site. The process takes two to three hours.

A patient's LDL cholesterol level can be lowered by 73 percent to 83 percent after a single treatment. The Liposorber procedure is not a cure. Patients must continue to have treatments either every week or every other week for the rest of their lives to maintain the lowered cholesterol level.

Patients must meet specific criteria to be candidates for this procedure. Contact your doctor to help determine if Liposorber treatment is appropriate for you.

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