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Frequently Asked Questions

Who may benefit from home care?

  • Persons recently discharged from the hospital following an illness or injury
  • Newborns requiring phototherapy
  • An elderly patient who is forgetful and requires teaching about his/her illness and medications
  • An individual who is falling at home and may need physical/occupational therapy to evaluate safety and equipment needs or nursing visits to assess potential reasons for falls
  • Patients with illnesses that are high risk for readmission, frequent clinic visits or uncontrolled symptoms such as difficulty breathing or pain

How is home health paid for?

We accept payment for services from Medicare, Medicaid, Worker's Compensation, private insurance or private pay.

Does insurance cover the care?

At the time of your inital consultation we make every effort to determine if any of the care requested can be covered by Medicare or your insurance. The services provided and described here are typically considered non-medical home care, however, and are paid for out-of-pocket (private pay). However, some long-term care insurance plans may cover some non-medical services. If you have insurance that does cover the service, we take care of all paperwork.

How does the process work?

At Sanford Health Help at Home we start with an in-home assessment to evaluate your specific needs, then work with you to develop an individualized plan to meet those needs. Should your needs increase during the time you are receiving our services, we will connect you with our home health and/or hospice services, both of which provide a higher level of care.

What does the caregiver do?

A caregiver visits your home, or the home of your loved one, and helps with activities such as meal preparation, housekeeping, personal hygiene, or safety supervision. Our caregivers can also provide companionship, as well as respite care, to relieve family members who care for their loved ones on a regular basis.

Can you tell me more about the qualifications of the Help at Home caregivers?

Our caregivers are the heart of who we are. All Sanford Health Help at Home caregivers are trained and experienced as certified nursing assistants in North Dakota. They are fully screened at the time of employment, including background checks and drug screengs. All of our caregivers are also certified in CPR.

Are there a minimum number of hours required?

Not only does Sanford Health Help at Home provide the most highly qualified caregivers (all of them are certified nursing assistants) -- we also provide flexible scheduling -- you can request help for al little as one hour per week.

Is there any employment paperwork that must be completed for "hiring" a caregiver?

Because the Help at Home caregiver is an employee of Sanford Health, we take care of all employment paperwork, taxes, liability insurance and Worker's Compensation insurance. We also provide ongoing supervision and regular evaluations of staff.

How does 24-hour staff availability work?

If a concern or an emergency comes up at any time of day, at least one member of Sanford's home health team can be reached by a telephone number previously given to the recipient or the recipient's family. If the situation cannot be resolved over the phone, the staff member will visit the home. All on-call staff members are licensed and certified to work in a home health environment.