Visitor Restrictions & Appointment Information

Visitor Policies

Masking Policy

All Sanford Health locations encourage patients to wear a mask if they are showing signs of respiratory illness or have COVID-19 (days 0 through 10 of their infection). We encourage you to bring your own face mask, but we will provide a mask if you don’t have one. Visitors who are ill should not visit for the health and well-being of all patients and staff.

Visitor Policy

Specific visitation requests may be accommodated at the discretion of the department director. Please call if you have a request that should be considered. Some facilities may have different restrictions. Please call ahead at the location you’re visiting to learn about their policies.


  • Visiting hours are 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily.
  • Visitation may be limited during the day or overnight.
  • One visitor may spend the night as an emotional support person.
    • Having more visitors is at the discretion of department directors.
  • Children areas and other departments may adjust their visitor policy during respiratory illness season (fall/winter). Please call ahead at the location you’re visiting.
  • We encourage visitors to call ahead for Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) visits.
  • All minor visitors must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

For COVID-19 patients in isolation:

  • Visitors should be aware that they can be at risk of COVID exposure while visiting a COVID positive patient.
  • Visitors must continue to mask at all times while in the facility.
  • Visitors should only visit the patient room. They should minimize their time spent in other locations in the facility.
  • Unvaccinated visitors should quarantine for five days after their visit, followed by strict mask use for another five days.
  • Fully vaccinated visitors should wear a mask for 10 days after their visit.

Long-Term Care Facilities

Long-term care settings have safety precautions and vaccination opportunities in place to protect residents, staff and our communities.

These visitation policies are in place at all of our locations:

  • Guests should not visit if they have symptoms of COVID-19 or a positive test in the past 10 days.
  • Visitors with a recent exposure to COVID-19 should consider delaying their visit.
  • Visitors with a recent exposure are required to wear a mask during their visit and physically distance from others in common spaces.
  • Visitors are instructed to wear a mask if COVID-19 transmission levels in the community are high, or the facility’s outbreak status is active.
  • Visitors are encouraged to wash or sanitize their hands before their visit.
  • Visitors to residents on isolation precautions will be instructed on extra precautions to take during and after their visit.

To learn more about safe visit guidelines, please contact the location directly.