Sanford Health Epidural Informational Video

Epidural anesthesia is another type of pain management option for you during labor. A health care provider who is specially trained in anesthesia gives an epidural. Your epidural may be given by a certified registered nurse anesthetist, called a CRNA or a doctor called an anesthesiologist.During an epidural, local anesthetic or other medications are placed in the space surrounding the spinal cord called the epidural space. The medicine rarely enters the bloodstream. In most cases, the baby should not be sleepy or have any effects from the epidural. Before receiving IV medicines or an epidural, you will need to have an IV started. IV fluids are given before an epidural block to make sure you are well hydrated. An epidural is given while you are sitting up or lying on your side. You will need to push your back out towards the anesthesia provider who will be standing behind you. Think of making your back round, like a letter C or arching your back like a cat. It may help to round your chin toward your chest. The nurse will help you into the right position. You need to remain still, in this position, even when you have a contraction. Practice slow, even breathing throughout the contraction while relaxing most of your body. Your nurse will support you.

00:08:13 | 10/29/2019