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When you need care in rural northwest Iowa, see Sanford Health.

Our medical center, clinics and long-term care facility serve the growing health needs of Sheldon and the surrounding communities.

Choose Sanford for the following services:

  • 25-bed hospital
  • Medical, surgical, OB/GYN and pediatric care
  • Home health and hospice care
  • 70-bed long-term care facility
  • Occupational health care
  • Inpatient and outpatient care
  • Outreach services from visiting specialists

A variety of specialists visit this location so you can get care close to home. View the specialty providers' outreach schedule below.


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Sanford Health News

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    Varicose veins

    What are varicose veins? Varicose veins are enlarged, twisted veins. They can happen anywhere in the body. But they are more common in the legs. Varicose veins are not considered a serious health problem. But they can be uncomfortable and can lead to more serious problems. And because they may be very noticeable, they may […]
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    Integrative Medicine Clinic open house offers demonstrations

    Variety of treatments, from acupuncture to yoga, help with range of conditions

Classes & Events

Outreach Schedule

Behavioral Health

Matthew Eggers, MD
Telemedicine Every Other Monday, Tuesday (AM) and Wednesday, Thursday
For an appointment, call (712) 324-6222


Dr. Adam Stys
January 10 & 23
For an appointment, call (605) 312-2200

Children's Cardiology

Dr. Nofil Arain
For an appointment, call (605) 312-1050

Ear Nose & Throat

Dr. Kurt Kover
January 7 & 21
For an appointment, call (712) 707-9585


Dr. Dana Brandys
January 3 & 31 - Telemedicine
For an appointment, call (605) 328-8100


Dr. Walker
January 14 & 28
For an appointment, call (605) 328-2663


Darrell Richards, MPD
January 13 & 27
For an appointment, call (712) 324-6222


Dr. Ross Bacon
January 8 & 22
For an appointment, call (605) 328-8900


Dr. Jongewaard
For an appointment, call (712) 324-6222


Dr. Brian Lindaman
For an appointment, call (712) 324-6222

Bobbie Honkomp, APRN-CNP
January 21
For an appointment, call (712) 324-6222


Dr. Patrick Kelly
January 3 Morning
For an appointment, call (712) 324-6222 or (605) 312-7300


Dr. Michael Fiegen
For an appointment, call (605) 328-8750