Serving Brule, Buffalo & Lyman Counties

Sanford Chamberlain provides health care for a tri-county area in central-southern South Dakota.

We provide:

  • 25-bed private room medical center
  • Primary care clinic
  • Inpatient and outpatient care
  • Emergency medicine
  • Care Center with 24-hour nursing care
  • Home medical equipment

Choose Sanford Chamberlain for continuous care throughout your lifetime, infancy to older adulthood, all close to home.

A variety of specialists visit this location so you can get care close to home. View the specialty providers' outreach schedule below.

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Outreach Schedule


Al Helbig
For an appointment, call (800) 827-1622


Foot & Ankle

Jeff Schimdt
For an appointment, call (605) 234-7169



Adam Stys ,MD
For an appointment, call (877) 220-2929



Available Monday-Friday 8 a.m.-4 p.m. by appointment.
Also one Saturday morning per month.
For an appointment, call (605) 234-7169.


Anthony Rupp, MD
For an appointment, call (605) 328-8100



Brian Wellman, MD
For an appointment, call (605) 312-8500


Thomas Flesher, MD
For an appointment, call (605) 234-7169



Richard Hardie, MD
June 6
For an appointment, call (605) 328-8900



Charles Flohr, MD
For an appointment, call (605) 328-1410 

Diagnostic Mammography & Breast US

For an appointment, call (605) 234-5511

Vascular Care

Gregory Nissen, MD
For an appointment, call (800) 618-3186


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