Serving Brule, Buffalo & Lyman Counties

Sanford Chamberlain provides health care for a tri-county area in central-southern South Dakota.

We provide:

  • A 25-bed private room medical center
  • A Care Center with 24-hour nursing care
  • Emergency medicine
  • Home medical equipment
  • Inpatient and outpatient care
  • Primary care clinics

Choose Sanford Chamberlain for continuous care throughout your lifetime, infancy to older adulthood, all close to home.

A variety of specialists visit this location so you can get care close to home. View the specialty providers' outreach schedule below.

Through outreach services, we offer comprehensive ophthalmology services to Chamberlain, South Dakota, and its surrounding communities. Dr. Andrew Ollerton sees patients at the 605 Vision clinic on the fourth Tuesday of every month. He specializes in cornea care and performs optical surgeries. Call (605) 328-9200 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Ollerton.

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Outreach Schedule


Al Helbig
For an appointment, call (800) 827-1622


Foot & Ankle

Jeff Schimdt
April 8
For an appointment, call (605) 234-7169



Adam Stys ,MD
April 14
For an appointment, call (877) 220-2929



Available Monday-Friday 8 a.m.-4 p.m. by appointment. Extended hours and Saturday appointments available.
For an appointment, call (605) 234-7169.


Anthony Rupp, MD
April 8 & 9
For an appointment, call (605) 328-8100



Brian Wellman, MD
April 16
For an appointment, call (605) 312-8500


Thomas Flesher, MD
April 21
For an appointment, call (605) 234-7169



Richard Hardie, MD
April 15
For an appointment, call (605) 328-8900



Charles Flohr, MD
April 8 & 20
For an appointment, call (605) 328-1410 

Diagnostic Mammography & Breast US

For an appointment, call (605) 234-5511

Vascular Care

Gregory Nissen, MD
April 20
For an appointment, call (800) 618-3186


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