Children's Behavioral Health

Find Mental Health Care for Children

Get help from the experts at Sanford Health if you suspect your child or teen is struggling with mental health problems. These issues in children can hinder healthy development. The behavioral challenges affecting them now can also affect their futures.

Parents and guardians are often the first to notice changes in their children. Take care of your loved ones and seek professional help if you suspect serious mental health problems in your children.

For physicians: Refer a patient to Sanford Health.


Your Team of Experts

The behavioral health specialists at Sanford Health will provide essential mental health support for your child.

Your child’s care team will include expert psychiatrists, psychologists, therapists and psychiatric nurses. All will work to support the child’s social, physical, intellectual, emotional and developmental growth.

Our approach to children’s health is family-centered, meaning the child’s family will be heavily involved in his or her treatment. We work with all the important people in a child’s life—from parents or guardians to teachers and doctors. Most children who get help for their behavioral challenges go on to live a healthy adult life. Getting a child help as early as possible makes a difference. 

We treat:

  • Addictions

  • Anxiety

  • Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)

  • Bipolar disorder

  • Depression

  • Eating disorders


Does Your Child Need Help?

You know your child best. Call a Sanford Health specialist if you have mental health concerns.

Get help if you see these symptoms in your child:

  • A sudden drop in grades or interest in school

  • Aggression towards others

  • Has suicidal thoughts

  • Hyperactivity and impulsive behaviors

  • Major appetite or sleep changes

  • Often feels sad, worried or fearful

  • Self-destructive behaviors

  • Spends an unusual amount of time alone

  • Tortures or kills animals

  • Trouble focusing


To get help, call your child’s primary care doctor. Your doctor will evaluate your child and refer him or her to the appropriate behavioral health specialist if necessary.

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