Sanford MRI Center

Sanford MRI Center

The Sanford MRI Center is proud to offer two scanners to meet patient needs—a high field scanner and an open scanner.

Open-bore, high field scanner

If you suffer from claustrophobia, require sedation or anesthesia for MRI’s, or have difficulty getting on or into an MRI scanner, then this true open-bore, high resolution scanner is for you. It has offset pillars allowing for an ultra-wide table with a 270 degree unobstructed view. This creates anxiety-free comfort for children, the elderly. larger patients and those in critical care while still providing high resolution scans.

High field scanner

The traditional high field scanner is tube-shaped with flared openings at both ends. A recent upgrade provides us with the ability to quickly scan multiple body parts at one time at a high resolution. An MRI with the high field scanner can also take the place of an angiogram, providing a non-invasive alternative without a hospital stay.