Sanford Canby Dialysis Dialysis Center Canby MN

Sanford Dialysis Canby

Sanford Dialysis Canby

If you or your doctor suspects you have kidney disease, meet with an experienced nephrologist at Sanford Dialysis in Canby, Minnesota.

Kidneys can’t repair damage on their own. We work to identify diseases early and provide treatments to protect your organs from further damage.

Our services include:

  • High blood pressure treatments
  • Kidney care
  • Obesity management
  • Specialized care for transplant patients

If you need dialysis, choose Sanford Dialysis. We offer convenient treatment options close to home. Dialysis is a life-saving procedure that replicates kidney function.

Sanford Dialysis Canby is attached to Sanford Canby Clinic and Sanford Canby Medical Center.

Types of Care

  • Dialysis

Sanford Dialysis Canby Doctors