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Sanford Children's Hospital

Sanford Childrens Same Day Surgery

Children are very special people. That fact is even more apparent when a child is ill or needs surgical care. To best care for our pediatric patients who need surgery, Sanford Health created the Children's Same Day Surgery Center. Located next to Sanford Children's Hospital (Sanford Medical Center—6th floor), our team includes board-certified surgeons, pediatricians, anesthesiologists and nurses trained to provide skillful care supported by the latest technology.

In addition to providing excellent medical and surgical care, our team of specialists pays close attention to taking care of your child's emotional needs as well. But because we know no one knows your son or daughter better than you do, our staff will invite you to be there for every step of your child's care if it helps comfort your child. We will visit with you about suggestions to help your child feel more comfortable about their upcoming surgery, including a visit to the Same Day Surgery Center before the day of surgery and watching our children's pre-operative video called "Jasper Visits the Hospital" with your child. You may watch the video in the hospital, or take it home to watch it.

Your child's care team will also provide printed materials explaining how to prepare your child for surgery (including what to bring to the hospital and what the child may eat before surgery) as well as information to help you care for your child when you return home.


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