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Sanford Children's Safety Center

Sanford Children's Safety Center has demonstration areas replicating child safety proofing in rooms found in typical households. You and your family can learn how to create a safe home environment just by visiting the center and walking through the various demonstration areas we've created.

Visit our Retail Store

Child safety proofing products are available for purchase. Safety education materials and checklists are free of charge at Sanford Children's Safety Center.

Some of the items for sale are:

  • Outlet Covers
  • Drawer and Cabinet Locks
  • Gates
  • Cord Safety Items
  • Finger Pinch Guards
  • Edge and Corner Bumpers
  • Doorknob Covers
  • Spout Guards
  • Water Temperature Gauge
  • Choke Tube Tester

Get all your safety questions answered at Sanford Children's Safety Center.


1115 W. 41st Street
Sioux Falls, SD 57105


(605) 312-8370