Sanford Children's Clinic Medical Clinic Duncan OK

Sanford Children's Clinic in Duncan, OK

Sanford Children's Clinic in Duncan, OK

A lifetime of good health starts with pediatric care. From annual checkups to vaccinations to mending broken bones, Sanford Children’s Clinics provide excellent medical care in fun, kid-friendly environments throughout the United States.

At Sanford Children’s Clinic in Duncan, OK, every community member has access to the highest quality care and services close to home. Since 2009, we’re proud to be a part of the Duncan Oklahoma community.

  • Pediatric Care
  • School Physicals
  • Flu Shots
Why Should I Use a Pediatrician?

The pediatricians at Sanford Children’s Clinic are board certified and trained to provide the most comprehensive and preventive care for children. Pediatricians only see children and adolescents which allow them to stay up to date with the constant changes in medicine affecting children. This concentration leads to higher quality care and better outcomes.

Castle of Care™

Because we believe in the healing power of play, we have built castle-themed clinics in order to provide a fun and engaging environment for children that can help with the physical, emotional and social development of children.