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Sanford Broadway Clinic

Sanford Broadway Clinic

Effective March 25, 2020
For your safety and the safety of our team, we are temporarily suspending walk-in care services at this location. We are only seeing patients with scheduled appointments. If you need walk-in care, please go to a Sanford Urgent Care clinic near you.

Sanford Broadway Clinic is the original Fargo Clinic established in 1921 by two Norwegian physician pioneers – Dr. Olaf Sand and Dr. Nils Tronnes. Their vision for the clinic was a “diagnostic machine, whose facilities were at the disposal of any physician in the community” — a radical concept at the time. Area physicians could send a patient to the clinic for examination and treatment. Clinic staff would perform these duties, then return the patient to their primary care physician with a complete diagnosis. 

Today, that legacy of care continues. Sanford Broadway Clinic is the largest multi-specialty clinic in the region. You’ll find providers in over 50 medical specialties and sub-specialties such as dermatopathology and 15 pediatric sub-specialties.



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